Hello there.
My name is Steven Davis. I design things for print mainly, but have some experience in most any facet of the industry. Here's how I got here:

My career in graphic design began as a mistake. One of the first jobs I ever held was in a small copy shop, where I churned out endless copies for old ladies and community college students. At times, when things were busy, I would help the graphic designer by laying out horrible business cards. I mean, they were down right terrible. But it was enough to plant the seed in me, which eventually grew into a full time design position and a stint at Tampa Technical Institute.

After school I wandered the wilderness for some time working odd jobs, and I eventually landed in a print shop running an ancient AB Dick press. That experience taught me a great deal about the fundamentals of print production, but I never liked being on that side of things as much as the creative, and it wasn't long before I was back in the cozy chair doing design work.

Most recently, I've been working at a large teaching hospital. My work there is broad, ranging from magazine editorials to bus wraps; web banners to billboards, the list goes on. I love working on such a wide range materials, but I feel that my next evolution as an artist is to focus on a discipline, to specialize in some facet of design. I am keenly interested in applying that to branding/identity, magazine/news layout, web layout and any other opportunity that is creative, challenging, and involves communicating content in a human way.

I would be happy to discuss your creative pursuits with you. Just say hello, you never know where it may lead.

Thanks for stopping by!

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