My name is Steven Davis.
I am a graphic designer living in Gainesville, Florida. I have been working in the design industry for 13 years, and hold degrees in graphic design and journalism. My work has focused mainly on print materials, but I have designed in nearly every medium, including web design, large format and signage. Photography has become my latest obsession, and another useful tool in my communication arsenal.
My philosophy is aligned with that of Porsche creator Ferdinand Porsche: "A formally harmonious product needs no decoration; it should be elevated through pure form." In short, my job as a designer is to help my client understand what they really want to say, and the simplest way to say it, so I don't end up having to decorate a poor message. Content is king, and that's where having a journalism degree comes in so handy.
I have produced work for clients such as the University of Florida, Pepsi and New Orleans Children's Hospital (CHNOLA). I have donated time to local non-profits like the Conservation Trust for Florida - those who have a mission I support and believe in. I am always looking forward to the next challenge. Let me know how I can help you say what you really want to say.
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